Tour the Turtle

All 350 square feet of it!

I thought it was about time to post a tour of our (hopefully) soon to be new home. We spent a lot of time looking for the right one, and had some pretty stringent requirements on what that included. We ended up buying a pre-owned 2010 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 324 RLQ, and it has absolutely everything we wanted.

Since I love looking in other peoples trailers I want to share a tour of ours. So without further ado, follow me…

Walk in the door and turn to your left and you’re looking at the kitchen, dining area, and awesome little den.

ImageThis computer desk is to the left of those chairs. It’s like a tiny corner office with windows!
ImageTurn around and look back towards the door and you can see the TV past the desk and the linoleum in the kitchen.ImageSpeaking of the kitchen… ca-ute! Not a ton of drawer space, but it makes up for it with cabinets around the fridge.ImageSee? The cabinets to the right are a coat closet on the bottom and extra pantry/storage on top. The middle glass door houses our switches and controls. ImageI’m using the cabinet in the hallway as a linen closet for now.ImageBedroom, complete with wall length mirror. ImageDresser and wardrobe, and a TV that runs on 12v in case we want to use it while we aren’t hooked up to a power source. Love all the room to walk around the bed!ImageCozy little bed nook! Love the windows, and the upholstery isn’t bad either. The only complaint I have here is the lack of any little shelves beside the bed. I’ll have to figure out where to lay my tablet when I’m done reading.ImageHuge closet!ImageThis thing has a bunch of storage. The cabinet behind the toilet holds a ton of extra shampoos and toiletries.ImageMore storage in the medicine cabinet and under the sink.ImageDid I mention how cute the kitchen is? Also, note the owl door mat. Adorable. ImageThe TV area. We’re going to mod that cabinet underneath it to use as a dog cage, that seems to be the most space saving solution.Image

Thanks for following along! I’ll post pics as I get things loaded and organized. I know it’s more fun to see things looking homey and lived in, especially if you’re looking for ideas. I plan on sharing a lot of that once we move in so I hope you’ll stick around.


4 thoughts on “Tour the Turtle

  1. netboy541

    This is an amazing camper. :: sigh ::

    I need to get me one of these…. we can be camping buddies!!

    1. The Snazzy Turtle Post author

      Thanks! I love love love your Airstream! One day we’d like to get an older one and fix it up, they’re just so classic and beautiful. I love what you’ve done with the inside of yours too, especially the blue and orange… some of my favorite colors.


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