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Yard Sales, Bugs, and Decluttering… Oh My!

This will be a bit of a quick recap post… I haven’t had much time to write these last couple of weeks, I’ve been lucky to get a post a week in and work on some longer posts that I haven’t finished up quite yet.

Things have been busy at the day job, I’ve had several custom design orders come in which have taken up a lot of my time in the evenings, plus it’s baseball season so we’ve had games take up several of our Tuesday and Friday evenings, we’ve been preparing for the massive yard sale, car shopping, taking care of some things that got lost in the mail during the move, and so on, and so forth.

There have been a few news worthy things happen lately… I am now the proud owner of a Doodle Bug! I decided somewhere about halfway through the car hunt that I would love to find a new model Beetle (not one of the 70’s versions). So I started looking for one in my price range… and that was horribly disappointing. All the ones I could find in the price range I had arbitrarily set for myself were in not-so-wonderful shape. One of them looked great on the outside and looked like a farm animal had been shacking up in the inside for a few months. We didn’t even go look at that one, they were nice enough to post a picture of the inside saying it was in ‘decent shape’.

We found one that looked absolutely perfect in the pictures but was a bit above what I wanted to spend. I was finally convinced that spending a little more for a car that I loved was okay, and that I was still putting money in savings from the sale of the Murano so it was okay. So we got a little more money out and went to look at it… actually racing to get there before another couple, who showed up early and would have had dibs on the car, but in a weird twist they left without saying a word while we were all waiting on the seller to get back from picking her daughter up at school. An omen perhaps?

Anyway, when we got digging around inside the car it was actually pretty nasty, with an abnormal amount of the front end repainted. The surly lady who was selling it spoke very little English, but did manage to inform us that the car belonged to a friend of hers, who had moved back to Brazil and handed the car over to be sold. The ‘friend’ had only owned this fine piece of machinery about 6 months, and it was a 10 year old car. Warning sign #38. The car drove fine, but the center console was missing, there was grime all over the interior, possible front end damage, and to top it off the check engine light came on as we pulled back in the driveway from our test drive.


So I had basically decided I wasn’t going to find a Beetle in my price range (which was basically true) and started opening my search up to other vehicles, but secretly still hoping to find a Beetle. We went out Saturday for a day long car-searching marathon… which mostly consisted of driving past car lots and yelling if we saw something good, then turning around if the traffic was light enough. We drove past a lot of cars that day. But we also had some really good pizza, so that helped.

The last area we were looking in was a town about 45 minutes from here with several smaller car lots, we were actually on our way out of town and saw a silver bug in a mid-sized car lot… Marty was pretty tired of driving around by then so we turned around and went back, and lo and behold it was in awesome shape! It was also a diesel, which was something I knew I wouldn’t find in my price range but had decided would be really cool to have. They get amazing gas mileage, and diesel motors will generally last a lot longer than gas burners, Marty’s truck is a diesel and still kicking with nearly 300 thousand miles on it.

So, to make a very long story a little shorter, the car was out of my self proclaimed budget, but the dealership manager talked himself down almost immediately to a very reasonable price. It might have helped that it was a nasty rainy day and probably a bit slow. I drove it, fell in love with it, and quickly reconciled in my head the amount of money I would still be able to put in savings, the gas mileage, the fact that I hadn’t seen anything in such good shape in my price range… and bought it!


Ain’t she cute?

And may I just say, I haven’t regretted it yet. That is the coolest little car. I get anywhere from 40-60 miles per gallon, depending on how it’s driven and the speed, it drives like a tiny sports car with it’s turbo engine, and it’s the perfect size. I was really surprised at how roomy and comfortable it was. I’ve ordered a few small things for it, a replacement knob for the side mirror controls (turns out it’s a fairly common problem for that to be knocked off), and a new emblem for the front because it’s a bit faded. But for a 9 year old car I think it’s in great shape, and drives like a dream. I hope with the diesel engine I’ll be able to drive it for a good long time… and enjoy every minute of it! Did I mention how fun it is to drive?

So now I have a more reasonably priced car, with exceptional gas mileage (Something the Murano really lacked), cheaper insurance that I also dropped down to liability because the value of the car is less than the Murano, and I was able to put a bit of money back into savings. And to top it off I was still able to get a car that I absolutely love, actually more than the Murano believe it or not.

We’ve had to push the massive yard sale back from last weekend to this weekend due to rain, but it may have to be moved yet again. Apparently now it just rains all weekend, every weekend. And it’s been abnormally cold too, but that’s another story.

There’s some scheduling issues with moving it this time, it would have to be into June, so I’m hoping the forecast changes because we now have two closed in utility trailers completely full of stuff for the sale. We really need to start getting rid of it! On the bright side, the storage unit looks so much emptier now, we should be able to reduce down to one of the much smaller units before too long. We are keeping one for now to house the tools we still need for the lawn care business, so we have a few totes stored in it as well that we could further pare down or move to the camper if need be. For now though I’m comfortable leaving them there, while we’re paying the bill anyway.

I’m going through the Turtle and decluttering it already. I wanted to be able to use the yard sale to get rid of the things I’m getting rid of, so I brought an empty tote in last night and started going through each cabinet looking for things we weren’t using. I figure we’ve been here a little over a month, if we haven’t used something by now we won’t use it. There’s obvious exceptions, but this rule works for the most part.


Basket Problem

When we moved in I kept a ton of baskets and storage boxes… partly because I apparently have a basket problem and partly to see what I might need or want to use as we settled in. I put them all in the cabinet over our chairs, and I haven’t taken one thing out of that cabinet since I put them there. I’ve even added a couple of baskets to it as I realized I didn’t need them.


The Ones I Got Rid Of

So last night I drug them all down and spread them out on the floor to decide what to get rid of. This, oddly, was a little tough. I obviously do have a basket problem, and I know that I logically should have just gotten rid of all of them. But sometimes you have to take baby steps.


Keeping these for now… and the cat

First I pulled out the ones I definitely didn’t like, then the ones that I had bought thinking they were cute but never used them, and then I pulled out a couple of them that I really liked but could easily and inexpensively replace. I was left with a few that I find really pretty, they are the right shape to house things in our cabinets, and I’m going to try to work them in over the next month or so. If I still end up not using them I’ll look at them again the next time around, but for now I was happy with the pile I got rid of. Sometimes it’s okay to take little steps, it’s better than not taking any steps at all.

So that’s whats going on here lately, a lot of work and busy schedules. I expected May to be this way, spring is usually our busiest season, and throwing a full time job in the mix makes it even more so. June should be quite a different story for several reasons, most of which I can’t get into just yet!

I will say though, that this spring has been a vast improvement as far as stress goes over some in the past, due in large part to our decisions to simplify and downsize. We don’t have to worry about keeping our own yard mowed, I still don’t have a full half day in cleaning the house (even with the vacuum problem described below), our bills are fewer, and every day stress is way down. I can’t wait to see how summer feels.

Do you remember when I said this was a quick recap post? That was silly of me. This is officially twice as long as my longest post lately. So there.

Oh, and a couple of RV living tips before I go, things I’m learning along the way!

First, if you live in a campground, and you choose to walk to the laundry facilities to do your washing, and when you start to walk over it’s sprinkling a little, you should go back in and get an umbrella… or perhaps just take the car! We were stranded about 300 yards from the Turtle Sunday afternoon when it started POURING down rain right as we got to the laundry room. We stood there for around 20 minutes waiting on the rain to let up, and finally made the call to run back to the camper. We had taken both dogs too, so we took off with them bouncing behind on their leashes like really heavy kites in a windstorm. Actually we nearly beheaded one of them when she went the wrong way around a pole… but it turned out okay in the end. We showed up at the Turtle soaking wet and laughing hysterically, and I took the car when I went back to get the sheets out of the dryer. Hindsight it was pretty funny, but just as a tip to you an umbrella is never a bad idea.

Secondly, don’t think that just because your floor is smaller that you don’t need a great vacuum. This is twice as true if you have pets. I’ve been fighting with cat litter for weeks using a tiny three-in-one vacuum that we bought last year for our first camper, it works great for small messes and when you don’t track on your carpet daily, but it just wasn’t cutting it for my needs. So I got my really nice vacuum back out of storage. I had planned to sell it, thinking it was too big for the Turtle. But when I got desperate I tried it, and it fits nicely behind the dining room table, and makes cleaning the carpet so much easier. I definitely should have brought it to begin with.

And now you know.


5 Ways Living In An RV Has Improved Our Lives So Far


Yesterday was the end of our second week living full-time in The Turtle. Which I think pretty clearly makes us experts on the subject. Or at least more knowledgeable than we were two weeks ago!

There are definitely some clearly defined benefits already though and I thought I would share them here, in case you’re sitting there on the fence thinking about making the leap.

First a disclaimer, it’s not all going to be perfect. I promise not to sugar coat anything here to make it seem like we live in a fairy tale with deer wandering around outside the window and robins landing on our fingers. Although on my walk Friday I did see 9 deer, 25 turkeys, and one rabbit… just sayin’.

Here are a few of the improvements I’ve noticed in our short time here…

More Exercise

You might not start running 5ks, but you will probably get more exercise just by default. In my case there were several changes. At the house I could just let the dogs out without a leash or going outside myself, now we take them on walks twice a day around the campground.

We also opted not to buy the tiny washer/dryer unit that you can install in an RV, even though we have the hookups for it, so once a week we pack our clothes up in a big blue laundry bag and walk to the campground office where the washer and dryer are. We pay $3 a load and do between 2 and 3 loads a week, depending on what linens need washing. It gets me some fresh air, a nice walk, and I generally stop and talk to a few people in the process which is nice.

Also, because of the location of our campground and the fairly isolated road that runs beside it I’m able to take two-mile walks on a regular basis on a mostly flat paved road. It’s quiet, giving me time to think, and I’m working on training to run a 5k this year.

More Socializing

This probably doesn’t apply to you if you live in an apartment complex or subdivision right now… but then again, maybe it does.

People tend to be more sociable for the most part in a campground than out in ‘the real world’. I’m not sure why that is, but something about the atmosphere will find you having conversations with people you’ve never met before on a regular basis. It’s great!

We’ve made a handful of new friends already, and met several interesting people who were just passing through. We’ve also gotten great advice from people who have been there before us, which is always comforting.

Less Housework

It might be the lack of a house that causes this one.

I spend a few minutes every night washing dishes and putting them away, I vacuum a couple of times a week (around 5 minutes), dust (5 minutes), and straighten up as I walk through. That and laundry are about the extent of the weekly cleaning. I wipe the bathroom counter down with a rag every night after we use it, and wipe the kitchen counter after I wash dishes.

I honestly didn’t think this would equate to a lot more time to do other things, because I didn’t feel like I spent that many hours cleaning at the house… but I suppose bigger floors, bigger counters, more laundry, more surfaces to dust, and more dishes all add up.

I really do have more time to work on my graphic design, go for a run, or just sit around. That’s pretty damn cool.

Less Stress

This is a combination of the other benefits mixed with lots of little things, and I’m sure your mileage may vary. Heck, my mileage varies from day-to-day… this is a campground, not a Disney movie! But the overall tone is less stressful.

We have fewer bills, as a result of eliminating some services that we no longer needed and paying off debt with the profits from the house. We are able to save money more easily as a result of having less outgo.

I have more time to try to build my business, I get more exercise, and we spend more ‘quality’ time together. Just for the record, I only use air quotes around quality because it seems a bit cheesy, but the time we are spending together does seem to be more fun. We walk every night and talk, sit around outside, and even sitting inside watching tv feels cozier and more intimate.

We Eat Better

No, not all the time. There is currently a whole box of deliciously awesome cinnamon rolls from the Wal-Mart deli sitting in the microwave waiting for me, and that’s okay.

But we do grill out a lot for dinner, probably 60% of the time right now and more when baseball season is over and Marty isn’t at practice most nights. Dinner usually involves a meat and a couple of veggies. Pork medallions, sweet potato, corn on the cob, and salad last night… mmm!

Side note: The grill Marty bought before we moved makes the best baked potatoes I’ve ever had, and the same for pork chops. It keeps all the moisture in, you don’t really even need butter because everything is so marvelously juicy.

But I digress. The point was that grilling out more causes us to eat more veggies, and eating more veggies makes me want more veggies. It’s a lovely vicious cycle.

I have so much more to talk about just from the first two weeks here, and an updated Project 333 post coming soon, I’m going to try to come up with and stick to a regular posting schedule. I want this blog to be a resource and provide encouragement for people looking to make a change in their lives, whatever it might be.

We still have a lot of changes to go, myself especially. I have a business to build and the label of ‘full time graphic designer’ to grow into! I’ve struggled a lot lately with the fact that I’m still at my day job and not making it on my own yet, but I have to be patient. Marty reminds me on a regular basis how quickly all of this has happened, and that I can’t expect everything to happen the same way. I also have to remember how far we’ve come in just a few months.

I’ll talk more about all that later though, it’s almost time to go for a run!

Project 333: Day 1

My Final 33

My Final 33

Note: I’ve posted a few new items in the Etsy shop … there are baby announcements and note cards so far with several different items coming soon. I’ll be posting 2-3 items every week and taking custom orders as well, check it out!

I have to admit I’m slightly embarrassed right now.

I posted here that I didn’t need a lot of clothes, that less is more than enough. And I sincerely meant that.

I was even pretty proud of myself when we moved into the Turtle, all of my clothes fit nicely in the smaller closet.

Shoes After

Shoes That Made The Cut

TShirts Before

T-shirts Before – 7 + 1 Work Shirt

So I got cocky one Sunday evening and decided to pack up all but 33 articles of my clothing to try out Project 333… after all, I had so few pieces to start with!

Then I pulled out all my clothes out and took pictures of every last item… and there were a lot of items!

Having around 100 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories doesn’t sound that bad, until you can see all of them at once.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeve Shirts

Luckily though, that was the worst of it, seeing how much I actually had. The editing part was easy. I had started a list a week before with the numbers 1 through 33 on it, and basically pared it all down in my head before I ever opened the closet doors. I did the clean out Saturday afternoon while waiting on a frozen pizza to cook.

Shoes Before

Shoes Before

In the interest of full disclosure I changed a few of the rules to suit my lifestyle. I chose not to include jewelry in the final count, I only wear a few sentimental pieces of jewelry, and I wear them every day. I also kept the option open to ‘swap’ 3 items as I choose to. I think this was actually included in the original rules I read but I’m not sure. It’s April and our weather is still fluctuating between snowing and 70 degrees here so I’ll keep my Northface jacket for now and swap it out for another t-shirt as soon as I’m confident I won’t need it again.

Accessories Before

Accessories Before

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts

Here’s a few of the things I’ve already noticed in the last two days:

– My closet looks awesome! It was a little scary at first, I won’t lie. I think the best word to describe it would be ‘bare’. But when I stop and think about it logically it’s only scary because it’s different. Truly, I love the emptiness.

– I didn’t have to sacrifice much, turns out 33 is a fairly optimal number for me. I was able to keep the majority of my favorite shirts, all my favorite pants, and even a few dresses. It might be harder if you’re a shoe or hat addict, but I’m not.

Dresses Before

Dresses Before

– I was still holding onto things that I didn’t necessarily love or wear. Even after the umpteenth round of decluttering, after selling it all and moving, I still have things I don’t love. I pulled a few out to put in our yard sale, and will be able to look more objectively at the rest at the end of the 3 months.

Pants Before

Pants Before

– Did I mention how nice my closet looks??

So there you go, that’s my thoughts on day one. I’ve posted my list of items below in case anyone is curious, because I know I looked at dozens of lists trying to decide on mine!

  1. Aviators

  2. Brown leather purse

  3. Reeboks

  4. Brown t-strap sandals

  5. Reef flip flops

  6. Rubber boots

  7. Favorite Silver jeans

  8. Dark jeans

  9. Holy capris

  10. Shorts

  11. Denim overalls

  12. Coral sundress

  13. Pink dress

  14. Blue strapless sundress

  15. Dark blue tank

  16. Grey knit tank

  17. Green racer back tank

  18. Grey racer back tank

  19. White tube top

  20. Green v-neck shirt

  21. Light blue t shirt

  22. Orange baggy T-shirt

  23. White t-shirt with cool back

  24. T-shirt with leaves

  25. Mesh t-shirt

  26. Titans t-shirt

  27. White T-shirt with blue flowers

  28. Brown 1/2 sleeve shirt

  29. Brown cardigan

  30. Grey merona pullover

  31. North Face jacket (Will swap out later)

  32. Hangout t shirt

  33. Under Armour visor

I hope some of you guys are playing along at home!

Our First Week At The Campground

Wide Open Spaces

I’ve been busy this week, working on building up a few streams of income that will hopefully help nudge Phase 2 of this journey along a bit. For those just tuning in, Phase 2 involves me being able to bring in a decent income while working from home again doing what I love (graphic design). I’m looking at a few other streams too, buying vintage items at yard sales/estate sales and reselling them, possibly selling some handmade items online, and hopefully in the future turning blogging and article writing into a side income. Speaking of which, my new Etsy shop ‘Snazzy Turtle Designs’ is now open if you want to check it out! There isn’t much there yet, but I’ve made it my goal to list at least a couple of items every week. Future stuff will definitely include some printable invitation kits and less geeky greeting cards… if you have any ideas or any custom graphics please drop me a line!

But I digress… the point is I’ve been busy this week!

We seem to all be acclimating quite nicely to life at the campground though, even the cat. He’s escaped twice, only to realize he was too scared to go anywhere. He has quit screaming for the most part, unless I leave the room at night. Or he sees birds out the window. He’s much quieter still, and we all appreciate it.

The dogs absolutely love the field behind our Turtle, Maggie is the type of dog that listens well, so she can be let off her leash to run over there, which is like being back at the house for her. Giblet is a stubborn old man who won’t give you the time of day if he chooses to leave, so he has to stay on the leash, which is fine with him. He just loves that there are so many people to randomly stop by and rub his head.

Warm Dogs

This is how we stay warm

Marty and I have decided that we definitely made the right decision (Thank God!) and we love it. I honestly feel like our lives are better already… just because of the little things. For example, we go out every morning and walk the dogs while we drink a second half cup of coffee. Our other full timing neighbors usually walk their dogs around the same time, so there’s a little community chatting and butt sniffing before everybody goes their separate ways. I won’t say who does which. Then every evening when I come in from work, as long as Marty doesn’t have to be at ball practice with Boy #2, we take them back out for a walk around the whole campground. This is something we never did or would have done at the house, it’s just… different here. It’s a little slower, it seems like we have a little more time to relax.

Yesterday Marty was at ball practice, and the dogs had already been out half the day in our neighbor Don’s fenced in front yard playing with other neighbor dogs (I know right?). So I took the opportunity to come straight in, change into some workout clothes, and go for a walk.

Texas T Cabins

Cabins at Texas T

I didn’t even take my phone… just myself and a bottle of water. It’s been so long since I’ve done that, or even had a nice flat place to go walk. I plan on doing it a whole lot more now. I walked to the other side of the campground and out onto the road through a hole in the grown up fence, where I walked and ran what felt like a mile before I turned around. That road is a back road, flat and empty, mostly surrounded by fields and trees. There are 4 or 5 houses along the way, but I didn’t see any cars. Only one person, two horses, two turkeys, a furry thing in the ditch, and one dog that I think might have bitten me had it been able to get out of it’s yard.

It was quiet and peaceful, flat and open and I didn’t care how long I walked. I knew I had work to do but I knew it was more important to walk at that moment. So I did, and I kept going until I got to the big hill, and then even a little further. When I finally turned around to come back it felt so good just to run for a bit, so I did. I spent the time thinking about income streams and websites and coming up with ideas I wouldn’t have had if my brain had been full of other noises. I could feel my whole body relax the farther I went. It was wonderful.

To continue the wonderful I came home and changed into a pair of shorts because my walk and the weather had made it a bit hot in the Turtle. I opened the door and the window over my desk, put Bob Seger on the overhead speakers, and worked on some designs for my Etsy shop with a cool breeze blowing across my desk. It was so nice that it made my internal urgency to build up my business even stronger. I could get so much done if I could do that more often.


Surprise visit from SD and the baby, she’s waiting on Poppa to get home

The rest of the evening was spent grilling burgers and hanging out with SD and the baby who surprised us with a visit. All in all a pretty great night, and I can’t wait to see what this weekend holds. We’ve had a lot of firsts this week too… first time cooking on the stove and in the oven, first showers in the new shower – which is awesome by the way, first windstorm – not so awesome. None of those were eventful, except perhaps learning that if you want to boil a big pot of water you have to put it on the front burner that says ‘High Output’, otherwise you’re just going to be staring at a big pot of water forever… and ya know that’s not gonna boil.

In other news, I have my Project 333 list almost finalized! I’m going to pull out all my clothes tomorrow and take some pictures before making my final decisions, then I’ll post here early next week. I did take a rough count and it looks like I have just over 100 items of clothing right now, which I don’t think is terrible. I thought it would be tough getting down to 33, but after making my list I’m not sure anymore.

How was your week? Is anybody joining me in Project 333? Any firsts this week?

Project 333 – Cleaning out the closet… again


Have you heard of Project 333?

If not, the quick and dirty of it is you choose 33 items from your wardrobe – including shoes and jewelry, but excluding underwear, workout clothes, and pajamas – and box up the remainder to be placed out of sight for the next 3 months. You then live with what you’ve chosen as your sole wardrobe, with the exception of a few items you may swap out if you feel like you made a mistake initially. So basically, you’re dressing every day using some combination of the same 33 items. You can find out all you ever wanted to know and more over at the Project 333 website. It’s really a very cool idea I think.

I’ve known about the project for some time but never took the steps to join in before due to laziness or busyness, or some combination of the two. Then today some random clicking of links led me back to the project page, and I realized a new phase of the challenge was starting April 1st… what great timing! Especially considering my closet just went through a rather large purge anyway, and I’m still not entirely happy with the amount of clothes I kept. I think this challenge will be a great way to pare down further and make myself look at my clothes differently. There are still a few things that I’ve kept because I like them, albeit don’t wear them very much. I’m also a bit curious as to how many items of clothing I actually have now, and I think it will help me with my goal of only owning things I love and wear regularly.

I also like the idea of joining a group of people nationwide (worldwide?) all working towards a common goal. So, starting April 1st, I’ll be joining in on Project 333 for the first time! I’ll take a count this weekend, with pictures, and post how many items I have to begin with and what I’m keeping. The weather will be an interesting opponent, it’s snowing and frigid today but looking at 70’s next week, but I think with some creative layering I can get past that.

Does anybody else want to join? Have you done something similar? If you know how many items you own and use now let us know!

Honey, we’re home!

I’m not convinced that yesterday was just one day… in my estimation it lasted at least 36 hours.

In fairness, it really started Friday night. I left work early to finish a few things in town, picked up a pizza, and we went home to ‘methodically’ finish emptying the house.


Even more yard sale stuff

We spent the night carrying loads of kitchen stuff, bathroom odds and ends, and clothes to the camper. I took pictures of the process for a while, until I decided it might go a bit faster with 4 hands (or rather 6, SD came to help… but you have to deduct 2 hands for the Grandbaby pulling things out as fast as we put them up!).


Stored memories

Saturday I had to work until noon, then came home and spent the rest of that night moving, cleaning, purging, talking, and laughing. We got down to the last few piles o’ crap by around 10pm and settled in to the Turtle in the driveway. We had already decided it was probably wise to stay in the camper at least one night before we headed to the campground.


Emptied the old closet

We slept here Saturday night, woke up Sunday morning and had our coffee in the Turtle, and started moving… again. Honestly you wouldn’t think there would be so much to move from one place to another. We can’t fit a ton in here, and it didn’t feel like we had that much to begin with. I think someone was bringing it in the back door while we took it out the front.


Filled up the new closet

So yesterday we moved, talked, took pictures, laughed more, cried, said goodbye to Otis, cried some more, moved some more, took a load of sale stuff to the storage unit, and then the buyers showed up around 1pm… and it was time to go. I’m not gonna lie, that was rough. I cried, a lot. Honestly, I think it had more to do with Otis than anything, and that was non-negotiable, he would have hated this life. I miss him, and I’m sure I will. But his new people love him, and he seems to really like them. When we went back to the house to get my car he even stayed there instead of following us down the driveway like he normally does.


Gave up and threw away some things

By 3 we were set up at the campground and trying to convince the cat to stop screaming… a task that we only recently accomplished… we think. Dinner was truck stop food, then we came home and literally collapsed. Sort of. We didn’t get to bed until after 10, and between the 30mph winds and the cat screaming loudly I didn’t get to sleep until nearly midnight. Which was okay, I used that time to unwind and catch up on my Google Reader unread list.

We have a great neighbor named Don, he even gave Maggie a new coat this afternoon and she LOVES it! We just now took it off of her so she wouldn’t chew it off like a spastic escape artist overnight. She does that. It’s why we can’t leave a collar on Giblet too.

Speaking of collars, we are now people who put a harness on their cat and try to walk him. Or should I say, I am now one of those people, and Marty is now the guy walking around telling anyone who will listen that ‘We don’t talk about the cat’. They have a love hate relationship… I think the cat may win though. I’ll let you know who wins when I try to walk him…


Our little spot for the summer

Today we’re just trying to get our routines figured out… who brushes their teeth when, what time do the dogs go out, what time do I need to leave for work now? We’ve already come to the agreement though that we love this, and have no regrets despite the sadness of leaving. You can’t grow without some change, some discomfort. I can’t wait to see what happens next, in fact I’m already working on Phase 2… just as soon as I get a little sleep.