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Family living in 350 square feet

I found this video while looking around this morning and thought I’d share. I love looking inside other peoples tiny homes, whether it’s a camper or a stick home, and this is a really neat little house and work space… she sums up the desire to simplify very well too, enjoy!


Perchance to dream

Last week I had three separate dreams about having my hair cut. I don’t remember much about them except that in some of the dreams I was cutting my own hair and in some of them someone was cutting it for me. The reason I remember the haircuts at all is because I’ve never dreamed about that before, ever.

So after the third one I started thinking it was a bit odd, and I turned to the great and powerful Google for answers. Here’s what I found from the website allvoices.com, I think it’s pretty neat:

If you dream that you are getting your hair cut it may mean that you need a change of pace in your life or to cut old ties.

If you dream that you are cutting your hair yourself then that shows that you are ready to take affirmative action for change in your life.

This can be something as basic as a new look for yourself, hairstyle, wardrobe, character, etc or it could be something much deeper such as a need for a whole new perspective on life.

Cutting your hair or getting your hair cut shows a need for freedom from something that holds you back which can be something within your point of view, your emotions, or lack of actions on your own part or someone in your life who is holding you back.

If you dream your hair is being cut by someone else it is likely you are only now formulating what it is you need to do, what actions need to be taken, and you are still in the process of coming to terms with the change that needs to be made.

However, if you are cutting your own hair this shows that you are ready to take action or are already taking that action. Likewise, the more hair that is being cut off the more change you are ready to make!

Oddly enough, since reading that I haven’t had another haircut dream. It’s almost like my subconscious just needed me to know for some reason. Or maybe I just need a haircut. I guess we’ll never know.

No word from the appraiser yet, which we expected. But we did find out yesterday it’s possible that the home inspection will be waived, so if the appraisal comes back right we could be past all our hurdles and ready for closing! I’m now contemplating selling a lot of the furniture I was going to store, the buyers are interested in it. I’m undecided because it’s the few things I really wanted to keep… but then again if we build another house down the road it may not fit in at all. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there though.