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Will you follow me?

No, we’re not setting off to travel the country. Unfortunately.

Actually I’m moving the blog… that may seem like an odd move so early on in it’s little life, but I have my reasons. They’re approximately 50% selfish and 50% altruistic.

If I am to be totally honest with you, and I always intended to be, I would like to connect my online world in such a way that all roads lead to the same place. So if you found my blog, and you happen to need a website or some really cool business cards designed, you might see my website and think “Well, I’ll be, what a lucky day I’ve had” and then you would ask me about those business cards and we would engage in some sort of transaction, the result of which would be a win-win situation. I have a website where my graphic design business lives, and I would like for it to be my ‘home base’ of sorts online. I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m trying to build my business, partly to facilitate us being able to travel, and I think having everything together instead of spread out across the interwebs will help me do that. Doing business online is just like the ‘real world’ in so many ways, and the more foot traffic you have the better your chances are of someone needing your services.

Alternately, visitors to my business website might not realize that I have a blog, and when they see it they might then have the chance to get to know me just a little more, and we might even become friends. And everyone knows there’s nothing wrong with more friends, because more friends sometimes result in coffee meetings and mutually beneficial networking, and I do like coffee.

I could drag you through several different scenarios, in which I connect my Facebook page, Etsy shop, Pinterest account, and eventually have tea with Leo Babauto, but that’s not really why I wrote this.

I have other motivations as well, I want to protect the content here as I grow my site, and sometimes things happen and sites are lost on public domains. I also would like to have more control over the types of plugins and content that I can use.

It’s all very geeky when you get right down to it. But I really hope you’ll come with me, because I’m starting to get so many great readers here, I don’t want to lose you over semantics!

With all that rambling out of the way, I have set up a sub-domain on my site, and I’m going to move the blog there in a couple of weeks. It’s not live yet, but when it is I will set up a redirect, so anyone coming to this address should automatically be taken there. I’m also going to export all of my current posts, so really nothing should change. I’m not even sure if you’ll have to do anything if you already follow me here, but if you do I’ll let you know, because I’ve grown very attached to you guys in such a short amount of time!

The new site will should be up by the end of April, I’ll let you know for sure before I make the switch! Until then, if you need any business cards, or would like to meet me for coffee (I mentioned I like coffee, right?) I’ll throw in a little shameless self promotion – www.snazzyturtle.comĀ 

p.s. Don’t worry… I don’t intend to become cheesy, or pushy, or only write content to attract traffic, or anything of that nature. I may add a few affiliate links to the blog at some point, but you will never be pressured to click on anything you don’t want to click on, and I will only occasionally promote a product or service that I use or truly believe in. Other than that I plan to keep writing about simplicity, RV living, and some day life on the road!