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Hurdle #2 – Passed!

We got word at 2:26 yesterday afternoon that our house appraised where it needed to for the deal to go through! It was really odd timing actually, because I had just text Marty that they were killing me by taking so long with the appraisal.

In response to the news I momentarily freaked out and thought of 527 things that needed to be done in the next 30 minutes. Then I calmed down and realized it would probably be okay if I only got 300 done. Then I did none of them, because I was at work.

They want to close on Friday, whoever ‘they’ are. We suspect it’s the bank, but it’s always possible that the Russian mafia are in control here. Regardless, even if we manage to close that fast we have 10 days after closing to get the hell out  to hand over possession of the house. We don’t plan to take all 10 days, but it’s nice to know we have them. In the midst of getting everything done I will be working on building a sizable e-commerce site, in addition to my day job. We really get busy around the end of March though – between lawn care and me helping a sports photographer on the weekends April is usually crazy, so it would be good if we could get moved in and at least settled before it picks up.

I don’t think I’ll be completely confident this is happening until we’re actually sitting at closing. I’ve heard so many stories of closings being put off or cancelled at the last minute due to weird unforeseen complications… perhaps I Google too much. We still have one more hurdle anyway, as small as it might be. The home inspector is coming Thursday morning at 9 o’clock. I believe his inspection is more for the buyers sake than anything, just to let them know of any big issues the house might have. We know there aren’t any so that should be fine, but it still feels like a hurdle we have to get past.

There is definitely a ton of stuff to do, but when you break it down logically I don’t think it will be that bad. We took a few more things out to the Turtle last night, and will do the same every night this week. Tonight we plan on finishing the upstairs while Boy #2 is over for the evening. There really isn’t that much big stuff to move… we’ve made a deal with the buyers to sell them our bedroom furniture, most of the patio furniture, and dining room table and china cabinet.

In a proud minimalistic moment last night I realized that my office and craft area, which used to be half of our upstairs, now occupy two 15qt totes and one small cabinet. That doesn’t include the printer, sewing machine or two file boxes, but the sewing machine and larger file box are going to storage until I need them and the other two have designated homes in the Turtle already. What that does include is what used to be mounds of little stuff… I’m bad about collecting random bits of pretty paper, glass bottles I think I might paint, and fabric scraps because I just know I’m going to make a quilt out of those forty-seven 2″ squares of gingham one day. Now nearly all of that is gone except the most useful or beautiful parts, and honestly I love the new set up.

All my craft stuff down to two 15qt boxes

All my craft stuff down to two 15qt boxes

Craft Supplies

Paint, hot glue gun, random craft stuff

I have one box with all of my sewing stuff in it, including current projects (2 half done quilts and some t-shirts waiting to be a quilt), and one box of everything else. If I want to work on a project I can grab the box from the closet and take it wherever I’m at, then when I’m done everything goes back into the box. No muss no fuss. The rule is I can’t have more materials or ongoing projects than will fit in the boxes, so I either have to finish what I’ve already started or trash/give them away before starting something else. I think it will actually make me want to play with my craft stuff more.

So now I need to write a list of things that have to be done to transition us from the house to the Turtle, and I thought I might as well share it here. Our list won’t be the same as everyone’s, but maybe it will help somebody remember something they might not have thought of… or more likely help me remember something I’m not thinking of! There will be items added I’m sure, I’ll keep this list updated at the bottom of every post until we’re moved.

Moving Out Checklist:

  • Find out if we can have our mail delivered to the campground
  • Or set up a post office box
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Go through online accounts and change addresses
  • Find the least expensive storage units that will work and pay for a small one
  • Clear out upstairs of last few things
  • List couch, Dyson, and elliptical online for sale. If they could go before we have to move them it would be great!
  • Finish setting up cabinet for dog bed (put wire on back of doors)
  • Figure out if cat is going with us
  • If cat is going find a place for litter box
  • Remind cat how to use litter box
  • Buy satellite dish and Dish receiver
  • Find out about DVR service (buy external hard drive?)
  • Set up Dish service
  • Cancel DirecTV (Penalty?)
  • Find out about cancelling internet, or just transferring to new owners
  • Write down number to EMS for buyers and put any manuals they’ll need in drawer
  • Pack up breakable items that will be going to storage… there shouldn’t be many.
  • Pack up breakable items that will go into yard sale
  • Get magnetic knife holder for kitchen
  • Move remaining items out of shop to camper or storage
  • Move utility room items to camper
  • Move kitchen items to camper
  • Move den items to camper
  • Move bedroom items to camper
  • Move clothes to camper
  • Take pictures of sale items that are going to storage
  • Move all remaining items to storage for the time being, if there are things that are selling but haven’t yet we’ll keep them accessible
  • Get a bottle of Blackberry Blues to celebrate with