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Tuesday wasn’t a good day.

We buried my grandmother, and there were lots of tears and stories and food. Because those are the prerequisites for a true southern funeral.

But on the way home I checked my email and found a lovely little bright spot in the the way of a comment from Ginny over at My Simplicity Quest, which is a really fun little blog following her story of working towards a simpler, more minimalist life. If you’ve never seen it you should check her out!


Her comment was to let me know that she had nominated me for my first ever blog ‘award’! I only say award in quotes because evidently there will be nothing to sit on my mantle… Which is actually just fine, seeing as I don’t have a mantle and would prefer it bare if I did.

But I digress.

Ginny has given me the One Lovely Blog award, and I think it’s awesome that even one person finds purpose, or inspiration, or humor, or anything at all in what I have to say. It makes this feel more real in a way, so thank you very much Ginny for thinking of me!

A blog award is really more of an opportunity to recognize other blogs that have spoken to you in some way, which I think is a great idea, so I’m paying it forward. Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog(s).
  • Post the award image in your acceptance post.
  • List seven random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate others for the award and notify them on their blog.

7 Random Lena-isms:

1. I’m abnormally afraid of water.
2. Despite #1 I love white water rafting and air boat swamp rides.
3. I have no sense of smell. Never have.
4. I know every single word to a large amount of eighties rap.
5. If you leave me alone in a car I will sing. Loudly.
6. I read The Hobbit somewhere between Kindergarten and 1st grade.
7. I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies.

The blogs I’m nominating are ones I find to be especially interesting or inspiring in some way, they all have excellent and very different writing styles and a way of spinning a story in their own special way. Some of these may have already been the recipient of this award, or some may not find it as neat as I do because they’ve been around the blogging block already, but I’m nominating based on blogs I read and keep up with. I hope you’ll take the time to check them out!


T-Shirts & Twine

Boof & Monk Monk

Living Simply Free

I hope everyone has a great Independence Day and a relaxing weekend! We’re about to pack up and head out, with a 60% chance of rain all weekend I’m expecting an adventure. I hope you have one too.


7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog

  1. Ginny Love Moore

    So sorry for your loss. As a bit of a social loner, I’m always struck by the beauty of a southern funeral (unfortunately, I’ve been to many). The kindness of strangers. The elderly women who pass out hugs and experienced words of condolence. The sweet tea, fried food, mayonnaise-laden “salads”, casseroles, pies, cakes, lemon squares… All so comforting at such a strange, difficult time.

    On a completely different note… So glad you like your award. It was a first for me too. It’s the “little things” that add so much. Keep rocking the blogosphere. Cheers!

    P.S. #4 on your list of random facts is awesome.

    1. The Snazzy Turtle Post author

      I’ve never been to anything but a southern funeral, so I have no comparison, but I assume some things are unique to us… like the abundance of potato salad. One thing I have always loved to see is every car on the road pulling off to the side when a funeral procession goes by. I once saw all the cars on a packed interstate on ramp pull over because a procession was coming down the off ramp, that was really touching to watch.

      And yes I admit, I’m a cheesy 80’s rap fiend… 😉

      1. Ginny Love Moore

        I love to see that too. I get choked up just thinking about it.

        Though it makes me tired and way too full, I love potato salad. I have been to what feels like a zillion southern pot luck suppers, and family reunions (and quite a few funerals). I call it “church lady food” and I mean it in the nicest of ways. It’s one of the best ways to sample a wide selection of homemade southern fare. Forget fancy southern restaurants. Tourists just need to crash a church picnic or something to get an idea of the amazing culinary skills of southern women. :p

        You rock. Cheers!


    Lena, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I lost my Aunt Bev this week so I can certainly empathize.

    Congratulations on your award – you certainly deserve it. And you definitely made our day, too! What a fascinating gathering of people you’ve assembled. We are touched and honored to be included in such eminent company. Many thanks. Can’t wait to check out these enticing blogs.

    Please follow this link to our Awards Page to see our personal response and Thank You.

    Wishing you all the best, Terri & James

    1. The Snazzy Turtle Post author

      My condolences on your loss too. And thanks! I love looking through the pictures and their accompanying tales on your blog, it was a no brainer to include you guys in my list. 🙂


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