Project 333: Day 1

My Final 33

My Final 33

Note: I’ve posted a few new items in the Etsy shop … there are baby announcements and note cards so far with several different items coming soon. I’ll be posting 2-3 items every week and taking custom orders as well, check it out!

I have to admit I’m slightly embarrassed right now.

I posted here that I didn’t need a lot of clothes, that less is more than enough. And I sincerely meant that.

I was even pretty proud of myself when we moved into the Turtle, all of my clothes fit nicely in the smaller closet.

Shoes After

Shoes That Made The Cut

TShirts Before

T-shirts Before – 7 + 1 Work Shirt

So I got cocky one Sunday evening and decided to pack up all but 33 articles of my clothing to try out Project 333… after all, I had so few pieces to start with!

Then I pulled out all my clothes out and took pictures of every last item… and there were a lot of items!

Having around 100 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories doesn’t sound that bad, until you can see all of them at once.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeve Shirts

Luckily though, that was the worst of it, seeing how much I actually had. The editing part was easy. I had started a list a week before with the numbers 1 through 33 on it, and basically pared it all down in my head before I ever opened the closet doors. I did the clean out Saturday afternoon while waiting on a frozen pizza to cook.

Shoes Before

Shoes Before

In the interest of full disclosure I changed a few of the rules to suit my lifestyle. I chose not to include jewelry in the final count, I only wear a few sentimental pieces of jewelry, and I wear them every day. I also kept the option open to ‘swap’ 3 items as I choose to. I think this was actually included in the original rules I read but I’m not sure. It’s April and our weather is still fluctuating between snowing and 70 degrees here so I’ll keep my Northface jacket for now and swap it out for another t-shirt as soon as I’m confident I won’t need it again.

Accessories Before

Accessories Before

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts

Here’s a few of the things I’ve already noticed in the last two days:

– My closet looks awesome! It was a little scary at first, I won’t lie. I think the best word to describe it would be ‘bare’. But when I stop and think about it logically it’s only scary because it’s different. Truly, I love the emptiness.

– I didn’t have to sacrifice much, turns out 33 is a fairly optimal number for me. I was able to keep the majority of my favorite shirts, all my favorite pants, and even a few dresses. It might be harder if you’re a shoe or hat addict, but I’m not.

Dresses Before

Dresses Before

– I was still holding onto things that I didn’t necessarily love or wear. Even after the umpteenth round of decluttering, after selling it all and moving, I still have things I don’t love. I pulled a few out to put in our yard sale, and will be able to look more objectively at the rest at the end of the 3 months.

Pants Before

Pants Before

– Did I mention how nice my closet looks??

So there you go, that’s my thoughts on day one. I’ve posted my list of items below in case anyone is curious, because I know I looked at dozens of lists trying to decide on mine!

  1. Aviators

  2. Brown leather purse

  3. Reeboks

  4. Brown t-strap sandals

  5. Reef flip flops

  6. Rubber boots

  7. Favorite Silver jeans

  8. Dark jeans

  9. Holy capris

  10. Shorts

  11. Denim overalls

  12. Coral sundress

  13. Pink dress

  14. Blue strapless sundress

  15. Dark blue tank

  16. Grey knit tank

  17. Green racer back tank

  18. Grey racer back tank

  19. White tube top

  20. Green v-neck shirt

  21. Light blue t shirt

  22. Orange baggy T-shirt

  23. White t-shirt with cool back

  24. T-shirt with leaves

  25. Mesh t-shirt

  26. Titans t-shirt

  27. White T-shirt with blue flowers

  28. Brown 1/2 sleeve shirt

  29. Brown cardigan

  30. Grey merona pullover

  31. North Face jacket (Will swap out later)

  32. Hangout t shirt

  33. Under Armour visor

I hope some of you guys are playing along at home!


3 thoughts on “Project 333: Day 1

  1. Christine Hutchins

    Thank you for sharing. This is really hard for me! Last night I boxed up two plastic bins for winter (one long plastic bin that fits under bed; one child’s suitcase) and two piles on top of the closet. this is also kind of exciting, too, so thank you for taking the pictures before and after.
    Good luck!

    1. The Snazzy Turtle Post author

      Thanks Christine! It’s an uncomfortable feeling at first isn’t it? The way I look at that though is that no one ever got to a better place by staying where they were comfortable. Good luck!

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