Honey, we’re home!

I’m not convinced that yesterday was just one day… in my estimation it lasted at least 36 hours.

In fairness, it really started Friday night. I left work early to finish a few things in town, picked up a pizza, and we went home to ‘methodically’ finish emptying the house.


Even more yard sale stuff

We spent the night carrying loads of kitchen stuff, bathroom odds and ends, and clothes to the camper. I took pictures of the process for a while, until I decided it might go a bit faster with 4 hands (or rather 6, SD came to help… but you have to deduct 2 hands for the Grandbaby pulling things out as fast as we put them up!).


Stored memories

Saturday I had to work until noon, then came home and spent the rest of that night moving, cleaning, purging, talking, and laughing. We got down to the last few piles o’ crap by around 10pm and settled in to the Turtle in the driveway. We had already decided it was probably wise to stay in the camper at least one night before we headed to the campground.


Emptied the old closet

We slept here Saturday night, woke up Sunday morning and had our coffee in the Turtle, and started moving… again. Honestly you wouldn’t think there would be so much to move from one place to another. We can’t fit a ton in here, and it didn’t feel like we had that much to begin with. I think someone was bringing it in the back door while we took it out the front.


Filled up the new closet

So yesterday we moved, talked, took pictures, laughed more, cried, said goodbye to Otis, cried some more, moved some more, took a load of sale stuff to the storage unit, and then the buyers showed up around 1pm… and it was time to go. I’m not gonna lie, that was rough. I cried, a lot. Honestly, I think it had more to do with Otis than anything, and that was non-negotiable, he would have hated this life. I miss him, and I’m sure I will. But his new people love him, and he seems to really like them. When we went back to the house to get my car he even stayed there instead of following us down the driveway like he normally does.


Gave up and threw away some things

By 3 we were set up at the campground and trying to convince the cat to stop screaming… a task that we only recently accomplished… we think. Dinner was truck stop food, then we came home and literally collapsed. Sort of. We didn’t get to bed until after 10, and between the 30mph winds and the cat screaming loudly I didn’t get to sleep until nearly midnight. Which was okay, I used that time to unwind and catch up on my Google Reader unread list.

We have a great neighbor named Don, he even gave Maggie a new coat this afternoon and she LOVES it! We just now took it off of her so she wouldn’t chew it off like a spastic escape artist overnight. She does that. It’s why we can’t leave a collar on Giblet too.

Speaking of collars, we are now people who put a harness on their cat and try to walk him. Or should I say, I am now one of those people, and Marty is now the guy walking around telling anyone who will listen that ‘We don’t talk about the cat’. They have a love hate relationship… I think the cat may win though. I’ll let you know who wins when I try to walk him…


Our little spot for the summer

Today we’re just trying to get our routines figured out… who brushes their teeth when, what time do the dogs go out, what time do I need to leave for work now? We’ve already come to the agreement though that we love this, and have no regrets despite the sadness of leaving. You can’t grow without some change, some discomfort. I can’t wait to see what happens next, in fact I’m already working on Phase 2… just as soon as I get a little sleep.


2 thoughts on “Honey, we’re home!

  1. gallivance.net

    Welcome home Lena and Marty! Congratulations! Now that you’re “mobile” there are some wonderful campgrounds up and down the Southeast coast if you’re looking for warmer weather and access to the ocean. There’s a fabulous campground near Savannah, just across Moon River (yes, THE Moon River) called Skidaway Island State Park. We also like the ones on Jekyll Island GA and Anastasia Oaks in St. Augustine FL.
    I really like “You can’t grow without some change, some discomfort.” You’re so right, but it will all be worth it! All the best, Terri

    1. The Snazzy Turtle Post author

      I’ve added these to my Campgrounds To Visit list, thanks for the info! Warmer weather and access to the ocean are definitely at the top of the list in the future!


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