It’s official…

We’re semi homeless! We closed on the house yesterday afternoon with no hiccups or glitches. We now have 10 days to evacuate the premises, but the plan is to be ready to move over to the campground by Sunday morning.

The buyers came by after closing to pay us for the furniture they’re keeping, so we know for sure what we do and don’t have to move now. And the ‘do have to move’ list is fairly short! Out of all the furniture in the house, we have to move –

  • My refinished $15 Goodwill desk (keeping in storage)
  • Washer and dryer (Probably selling)
  • Smallish tv stand and table (Selling)
  • Loveseat (Selling)
  • Wash stand (Up for sale but will keep if nobody buys it)
  • Patio furniture (Selling)
  • A couple of small cedar end tables Marty built (Not sure yet)

Everything will go to storage for now, then when we’re settled I’ll take pictures of the sell items and list the big ones on Craigslist. Our massive yard sale is the first weekend in May so some things will come back out for that if they haven’t sold (patio furniture for sure).

I’ve been editing some of the smaller things I thought I would keep as well, putting even more in the yard sale totes. More on that process to come in a future post.

For now we’ll spend the next 4 days learning new stuff, like how to set up Dish network without an address (Marty’s working on that one now!), where our mail will go, what our mailing address will be, and how much food will fit in the new fridge.

I’ll try to take lots of pictures along the way and share what we learn so maybe it will help somebody else. If nothing else it will give other nosy people like me a chance to watch the process. 🙂

Moving Out Checklist:

  • Find out if we can have our mail delivered to the campground
  • Or set up a post office box
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Cancel homeowners insurance
  • Go through online accounts and change addresses
  • Find the least expensive storage units that will work and pay for a small one
  • Clear out upstairs of last few things
  • List couch, Dyson, and elliptical online for sale. If they could go before we have to move them it would be great!
  • Finish setting up cabinet for dog bed (put wire on back of doors)
  • Figure out if cat is going with us
  • If cat is going find a place for litter box
  • Remind cat how to use litter box
  • Buy satellite dish and Dish receiver
  • Find out about DVR service
  • Buy external hard drive
  • Set up Dish service
  • Cancel DirecTV (Penalty?)
  • Find out about cancelling internet, or just transferring to new owners
  • Write down number to EMS for buyers and put any manuals they’ll need in drawer
  • Pack up breakable items that will be going to storage… there shouldn’t be many.
  • Pack up breakable items that will go into yard sale
  • Get magnetic knife holder for kitchen
  • Move remaining items out of shop to camper or storage
  • Move utility room items to camper
  • Move kitchen items to camper
  • Move den items to camper
  • Move bedroom items to camper
  • Move clothes to camper
  • Take pictures of sale items that are going to storage
  • Move all remaining items to storage for the time being, if there are things that are selling but haven’t yet we’ll keep them accessible
  • Get a bottle of Blackberry Blues to celebrate with

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