It might be… It could be…

It is! Or at least it’s closer than it was. The second appraisal the bank requested last week went through fine, and now closing is being frantically discussed amongst the 2 real estate agents, 2 closing offices, 2 buyers, and 2 sellers. It’s like the Noah’s Arc of home selling over here.

I’m in the process of getting a payoff statement from our lender for ‘them’. I wonder if we’ll get to meet ‘them’ at closing? I’m picturing a big sheet stretched across the back of a cubicle farm, hiding 2 small framed men in khaki’s and striped polo shirts typing away on those calculators with the paper running out of the back. How very exciting…

Anyway, they are actually wanting to schedule closing for today, or at the latest tomorrow. I don’t know if they’ll be able to manage it, but the buyers are sure hoping for it! They closed on the sell of their house Friday and had to be out the next morning, I believe they’re staying with a daughter until they can move in our house (or should I say their new house?). So if anyone is counting on a quick closing it’s them!

That’s all I know for the moment, I’ll keep ya posted! (You are anxiously awaiting my next post, right?) 🙂

P.S. The cat is litter box trained once more! Huzzah!

Moving Out Checklist:

  • Find out if we can have our mail delivered to the campground
  • Or set up a post office box
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Go through online accounts and change addresses
  • Find the least expensive storage units that will work and pay for a small one
  • Clear out upstairs of last few things
  • List couch, Dyson, and elliptical online for sale. If they could go before we have to move them it would be great!
  • Finish setting up cabinet for dog bed (put wire on back of doors)
  • Figure out if cat is going with us
  • If cat is going find a place for litter box
  • Remind cat how to use litter box
  • Buy satellite dish and Dish receiver
  • Find out about DVR service
  • Buy external hard drive
  • Set up Dish service
  • Cancel DirecTV (Penalty?)
  • Find out about cancelling internet, or just transferring to new owners
  • Write down number to EMS for buyers and put any manuals they’ll need in drawer
  • Pack up breakable items that will be going to storage… there shouldn’t be many.
  • Pack up breakable items that will go into yard sale
  • Get magnetic knife holder for kitchen
  • Move remaining items out of shop to camper or storage
  • Move utility room items to camper
  • Move kitchen items to camper
  • Move den items to camper
  • Move bedroom items to camper
  • Move clothes to camper
  • Take pictures of sale items that are going to storage
  • Move all remaining items to storage for the time being, if there are things that are selling but haven’t yet we’ll keep them accessible
  • Get a bottle of Blackberry Blues to celebrate with

2 thoughts on “It might be… It could be…

  1. btkegley

    I’m on the edge of my seat! But I’m pulling for y’all to be totally Turtled before Monday, when The Voice’s new season starts. HOORAY FOR KITTY!!

  2. Lena Post author

    Keep sending good thoughts! There’s a lot to do but I think we can get it by Sunday evening at least. And I love the use of the word Turtled by the way, I might steal that. 😉


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