On pork chops, litter boxes, and stress relief

Although the combination of pork chops and litter boxes could be very stressful they’re fortunately unrelated in this case. All those things combined did make for a really great weekend though.

This weekend we… grilled the best pork chops ever (Ok Marty did), stayed up late, splurged on a frozen cheesecake, rode bikes around the yard (can’t wait to get off this hill so I can actually attempt to ride mine!), bought a litterbox, bought the satellite for the Turtle, watched a completely terrifying movie, sold a couch at 8pm, sold an elliptical trainer, car seat, and stroller, locked the cat in the bathroom with his new litterbox, met some really cool people, wrapped an empty coffee can in pretty scrapbook paper for no particular reason, moved more stuff to the Turtle, didn’t clean the house, did clean the camper, laughed a lot, sat in the Turtle in the driveway like we had already moved in, played with the grandbaby for a minute, made another pilgrimage to Camping World, splurged on Steak and Shake, and stayed up late again. It was awesome.

Most of my recently acquired stress has been due to trying to do too much at once, needing to work on a website while I tried to move, trying to keep the house clean while emptying it piece at a time, and worrying excessively about things that shouldn’t require that much worry. Such as whether to take my cat with us or find him a new home. When I finally gave myself permission to let some things go so I could focus on the the stuff that has to be done right now the stress pretty much just went away and I’m now back to my normal self.

Our house is far more cluttered at the moment than usual because everything is in the wrong spot, but it’ll be okay.

My websites will wait a week or two unless I have a stroke of inspiration before then.

The cat is going with us… he’s currently locked in the upstairs bathroom with his new litter box and food and water, protesting loudly, but hopefully soon he’ll be litter box trained once more.

We crossed a few things off the checklist this weekend, and hopefully we’ll get even more done this week. Tonight will have to be spent getting ready for our tax appointment tomorrow, but maybe we can throw in listing the patio furniture on Craigslist while we’re at it.

If the house closes Wednesday or Thursday the plan is to move over to the campground this weekend… according to the bank and real estate agents the second ‘drive-by’ appraisal isn’t a big deal, but we’ll see what happens!

Moving Out Checklist:

  • Find out if we can have our mail delivered to the campground
  • Or set up a post office box
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Go through online accounts and change addresses
  • Find the least expensive storage units that will work and pay for a small one
  • Clear out upstairs of last few things
  • List couch, Dyson, and elliptical online for sale. If they could go before we have to move them it would be great!
  • Finish setting up cabinet for dog bed (put wire on back of doors)
  • Figure out if cat is going with us
  • If cat is going find a place for litter box
  • Remind cat how to use litter box (In progress right now!)
  • Buy satellite dish and Dish receiver
  • Find out about DVR service
  • Buy external hard drive
  • Set up Dish service
  • Cancel DirecTV (Penalty?)
  • Find out about cancelling internet, or just transferring to new owners
  • Write down number to EMS for buyers and put any manuals they’ll need in drawer
  • Pack up breakable items that will be going to storage… there shouldn’t be many.
  • Pack up breakable items that will go into yard sale
  • Get magnetic knife holder for kitchen
  • Move remaining items out of shop to camper or storage
  • Move utility room items to camper
  • Move kitchen items to camper
  • Move den items to camper
  • Move bedroom items to camper
  • Move clothes to camper
  • Take pictures of sale items that are going to storage
  • Move all remaining items to storage for the time being, if there are things that are selling but haven’t yet we’ll keep them accessible
  • Get a bottle of Blackberry Blues to celebrate with

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