Hurdle #3…


Passed! The home inspection went great, the inspector actually thanked Marty for building such a good house. So Hurdle #3 is officially behind us!

They’re now saying closing should be sometime in the middle of next week, which is actually okay because we needed a little more time to get things together. I think we’ll go on with our plan of getting the satellite system this weekend, as well as packing everything that goes into storage and taking the things we don’t absolutely need in the house out to the Turtle. That way whenever we close we’ll be ready.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, I get home in the evening and feel like I need to be doing something, but I’m not sure which direction to focus. If I work on a website I feel like I should be packing or moving, if I move I feel like I should be working on a website, and no matter what I do I feel like I should be cleaning because everything’s a hot mess right now. Unfortunately there’s only so much time to do any of it between getting home and going to bed… throw in making and eating dinner, bathing, having our after work chat, and suddenly I’m having a small panic attack.

Reading back over that last paragraph I’m almost embarrassed to post it, what small problems I have compared to a lot of people… definitely fortunate! I took Marty’s advice today though and told a client that I needed to take a pause on her project for a couple of weeks to get this move done. I absolutely hated to do it, it felt like admitting some sort of defeat or letting her down. The project isn’t an emergency, and I’ll probably still finish within my loose deadline, but I hated to admit to her that I couldn’t do it all!

Her response was that it was perfectly fine, she understood, and she appreciated me being up front and honest about it. Instantly I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, now I can focus on getting us moved without feeling guilty that I’m not doing something else.

As far as the house being a hot mess, there’s nothing I can do about that… I think we’re just gonna have to sell it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hurdle #3…


    Lena and Marty, First of all … Congratulations! Selling a home these days is no walk in the park – and it sounds like you’ve done everything right. Your feeling of panic will go away, and pretty soon you’re going to be so relieved. Also, congrats on deciding to simplify your lives – you’re going to love it! All the best, Terri

    1. Lena Post author

      Thanks Terri! It’s good to hear the panic will go away, I’m looking forward to getting this part done and over with… I’m enjoying the journey but it’s also a lot of work at this point. I’ve been simplifying for a few years now and have decided it’s the key to a really good life… the more I simplify the less I want, it’s kind of a neat cycle really. 🙂


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