Wow, that’s empty…

We moved SD out Saturday, and we moved half of our furniture out with her. Or it looks like we did anyway. She did take the majority of the upstairs furniture, and a shelf unit from downstairs. So now our two large upstairs rooms are the home to just a small desk and bookshelf, a trunk/coffee table, and random piles of things that didn’t make the cut for the little apartment. Oh, and a treadmill. It’s rather cavernous up there.

This is a great start on moving, but it doesn’t make the upstairs look so great. The only reason that’s an issue is that we’ve left the house on the market until the closing actually happens with the buyers. We don’t want to run the risk of not showing the house to new people and this deal falling apart before closing, thus wasting a month or more. So there’s always a possibility that we’ll need to show it again. For it to look the best for a showing I think it should either be fully furnished, or completely empty. I think we’ll go with Option B instead of trying to work the remaining furniture around or bring in more.

I also gave SD about half of my kitchen junk… tupperware, silverware, cookware, glasses, you name it. I think I’m now down to just about the things I’m actually taking. With the exception of dishes – we’ve replaced the plates and bowls with a melamine version but are still using ours till we move. I am keeping two sets of glass Pyrex storage containers in lieu of most tupperware, and my glass baking dishes. I’m not sure how that will go when we travel, I’ll have to figure out the best way to keep them from flying out of the cabinets, but I don’t think it’ll be a big deal.

We did have a small shopping spree at Camping World Sunday, which almost felt like it defeated the purpose of getting rid of so much. But in reality it was a few things we really needed, and a couple of things we really wanted, and getting down to things we want is kind of the point here. We got a portable pet fence so that we won’t have to fight with the dogs outside (hopefully), a new bowl for them that will fit better, a small picnic table and chairs set that we’ve been eying for years that went on sale this week, and a few other small things. And also the MOST adorable door mat ever. It has owls on it. I’m in love. We also got the dogs a new bed and leashes at Wal-Mart… we don’t have to use leashes where we are now, so Mags isn’t really used to one. That made for an interesting trial run outside with it on, something akin to pulling a honey badger with a roll of dental floss.

Other than that, great night with friends Saturday night, we talked and even pulled out embarrassing old pictures, gotta love the digital age, everybody’s embarrassing pictures are available on Facebook any time. The appraisal should happen sometime this week, and I wish it would hurry up. I’m ready to know if the current deal is going to work or if we’ll have to rethink our asking price. Other than that no news on the house sale, and nothing big over the weekend. I’ll try to post some pictures this week, I’ve taken a few but haven’t pulled them to the computer yet. I’m really going to have to work on the picture side of things here!


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