Vintage love

At this exact moment we have a little bit of cash from selling things, and we’re trying to get things together that we know we’ll need for our new ‘lifestyle’. The mantra is quality over quantity, a few well made items that will last instead of way too many cheap items that we’ll have to replace down the road. We also have 4 or 5 items up for sale on Craigslist and a local radio station’s bargain site right now, and have sold numerous items already, and many more to come. So I’m considering purchases like these to be the equivalent of swapping our unused crap for items we want and will use… in a lesser quantity.

This morning Marty mentioned that he wanted to try to find a metal Coleman cooler. He’s wanted one forever, we actually found a perfect one in a thrift shop a few years ago and passed it up… stupid! We’ve looked at new ones several times, but I asked him this morning if he thought we might find a vintage cooler that would work. That led to a brief but exhaustive search online, which led to this beauty from Etsy.

Vintage Coleman Cooler

Vintage Blue Steel Belted Cooler

This cooler will last, was made in America, and has been around for at least as long as I have. I bought it on Etsy this morning for less than a new cooler would cost including shipping, and it’s in awesome condition. I don’t know its exact age, but it’s probably from the 70’s from what I’ve seen online. I need to do a little research and figure that out in case I run up on one to resale. As an added bonus it’s slate blue (my favorite color!) and has two food trays in it. I looked on Ebay, Etsy, TheFind, and Google, and fell in love with this guy. Ain’t he cute?

Anyway that’s the excitement for the day so far… we have a really busy weekend planned though. I have work to do on two websites tonight, our bikes should be here to put together, plus homemade meatball subs and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Tomorrow we help SD move during the day and have friends coming for dinner. Sunday is the Lawn and Garden show and a trip to Camping World. In the midst of all that we’ll be getting more things out of the house, either into the sale piles, listed online, or moved to the camper. Maybe something else exciting will happen too, but I don’t know how much more I could handle in one weekend!


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