Hurry up and wait…

When you’re doing big things it seems like something exciting should happen everyday.

Monday was huge, we got our first offer on the house, countered it, got our first counter offer, sold a large piece of equipment, it was a very exciting day. I even got free tickets to the Lawn and Garden show this weekend on Monday.

Since then, not so much. The most exciting thing that’s happened between today and yesterday was getting a shipping confirmation from Amazon… for our bike lock. Not the bike’s, just the lock.

Things are happening, they just aren’t happening in a big ‘Whoa here we go’ kind of way, which is okay too. We did go help SD clean at her new apartment last night. We had signed our offer papers at the realty office and were about to head back home when Marty suggested we go get a couple of pizzas and help her clean, which turned out to be a great idea. The baby was excited to have company, she even took my hand and led me in their new little apartment, very sweet. It’s a cute little place and we had a nice night. I’m excited for her… I think we’re going to start helping her move Saturday.

Other than that, I spent 45 minutes last night doing updates on websites, we watched Justified, and went to bed. Today, just work. No showings on the house, we haven’t sold anything, no new website contracts, just a Wednesday at the dreaded desk job.

So there you go, even when you’re doing something awesome and life changing, some days are just boring!


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