Hurdle #1 – Passed with flying colors

Or a lack of flying colors perhaps. Marty just went to the water department to pick up our water test results. When the mortgage company sees cistern or well on the paperwork they automatically assume you’ve been breeding one-eyed hillbilly tadpoles in your well or brewing 120 proof whiskey on the roof of your house. Or perhaps they’re just curious as to how clean your water is before you sell it to an unsuspecting couple.

Anyway, the point being we had both our cistern and our well tested, just in case one turned out to be better than the other. We’re prepared to put an ultra-violet light filter on our system if need be, but it looks like we won’t have to. Our water actually is clean!

Our next hurdles will be:

  • Appraisal
  • Home Inspection

No word on when either of these will occur, but at least I had a little bit of excitement today after all!

In other fun news, Marty has agreed to bring the camper up and park it beside the house again. That way we can set it up and I can show it off to friends and family that we have coming in soon. I also have a compulsive need to put my excess dish soap and shampoo stock in the cabinets. I’m getting excited just thinking it…


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