We have an offer! Oh dear…

You should be picturing me twiddling my thumbs nervously, half due to excitement, the other half due to a feeling of  “Oh shit, there’s a lot of stuff to do if this house sells!”.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m feeling today, or how to process those feelings into words at this particular moment. I don’t want to get my hopes up or get too excited, because at this point we have so far to go that anything could go wrong. But at the same time I’ve been told by a very wise man that it’s okay to be excited, even if you don’t know how things will turn out. I think he’s right, so I am letting myself get pretty excited about the possibilities… in my very own nerdy little way!

I’ve gone over our budgets several times this morning, I keep a debt payoff sheet that I got from Joan Otto at Man VS Debt and I’ve made a copy and played with it to see what I could pay off with the amount of money we’re being offered. We sold a large item today too and I’ve made a spreadsheet with a couple of possibilities for the disbursement of that money. Just putting the zeroes in the sheets excites me so much that I can’t imagine what actually paying off the debts will be like. That might sound mildly obsessive, unless you yourself are also a nerd and enjoy beating things to death with an Excel shaped hammer.

Update: After countering the original offer and receiving a counter back from the buyers for a bit less than asking, we accepted an offer yesterday on the house and are going to sign papers on that tonight. We still have to get through the home inspection, appraisal, and water tests (they were dropped off this morning) before we can close, so we’re a long way from done. I’m staying cautiously optimistic though, I can already taste the freedom of the campground, but anything could happen between now and our anticipated closing date of March 30th.

Marty has stuffed our yard sale pile into one of the closed in utility trailers… and I really mean stuffed, it’s all the way out to the back doors. This may be a yard sale for the books! We’re probably going to wait until May to schedule it though, March won’t be fit weather wise and I have to work every Saturday in April, so I would miss out on the yard hanging out fun that occurs at a multi-family sale. This weekend we’re going to get some more totes and start packing up non-essential items and either putting them in the camper already or starting a storage pile. We know we’re going to get a small storage building for a few pieces of furniture I don’t want to let go of and things we don’t need every day. We’re hoping to keep the storage to a minimum though.

We aren’t going to actually start moving out of the house until after the closing… Marty made sure they put in the papers that we have 10 days to move after closing, that way if something falls through last minute we haven’t already moved everything out. But we had been in the process of cutting way back on ‘things’ anyway, so we’ll continue doing that and just start moving things out to the camper.

I signed a contract on a large website Saturday, and I’m really excited about it. This will be a truly creative website where I’ll be able to show off some skills I don’t normally get to use, and it will look great in my portfolio so hopefully I can open the door to more work of that type. It has the added benefit of being for a budding entrepreneur who knows very little about what she’s getting into but has a great dream. It’s exciting to work with someone on their dream, it can be contagious in fact.

In other great news (yesterday was just such a fun day!) I ordered our bikes off of Amazon last night! I had to spend a little more than we wanted, but the bike I wanted was no longer in stock at Academy, and to order a special size for Marty it just was what it was. I bought the Schwinn Miramar Women’s Comfort Bike 26″ in light green, and he got the Schwinn Suburban 7sp Men’s Comfort Bike 26″ in dark green with a small frame. I also ordered a pack of bike locks in case we need them, and I still came in under what I budgeted… so quite happy about that.

His daughter accepted an apartment today, so that’s a relief that we won’t have to worry about finding her and the baby somewhere to go last minute. We’ll go over Saturday and help her deep clean and get things in order there. I really am going to miss them though, we had all fallen into a nice little groove, and we’ll definitely miss the Night-Night-Parade that happens every night up the stairs. But, we’re not leaving the country, and I’m going to insist she come to the campground to do her laundry and let us all hang out. I’m thinking we’ll buy a tiny bike and set up a baby pool for the summer…

Speaking of the daughter, we bought a better camera from her (and adorable, it’s pink) a couple of weeks ago, and had to order a replacement charger from Amazon. I said to myself “Self, when the charger comes in we’ll take some pictures to put with all these posts”. Well the charger came in last week, and about every 2 days I say to myself “Self, we’ve got to take some pictures!”. I think we’re going to set the fifth wheel up this weekend by the house, so I’ll take some tour pics and try to add some others too.

For now that’s all I know, and that’s probably good because we’ve gone over the thousand word mark!


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