Sea shells, New wheels, and Preparations

Even though not much is occurring on the sell-the-house-live-in-an-awesome-tin-can front I thought I should keep updating on the small stuff. That way in 5 years when I look back on this time I’ll remember how exciting even the smallest parts were. Not that I should need much help, it’s the little stuff that makes me happy anyway.

I’ve been ironing out our plan to make money this week… or should I say bit by bit it’s coming to me. Thanks to a couple of blogs by other full-timers (Seriously guys, I have a blog problem.) I found the idea of starting an Etsy store to sell the products of our miscellaneous talents.

Fun fact: I had an Etsy store years ago. I doubt I sold anything in it because at the time I wasn’t highly motivated. In fact, I don’t even remember what I was attempting to sell… or if I listed anything at all. Anyway, point being that between the two of us we are very talented creative people, if I do say so myself. So far I have thought of several things that could be sold using this medium, including small custom woodworking projects to be done on the road or during periods at ‘home’, digital elements and printables created by moi, and shell crafts/jewelry which is a new one I’m considering mostly due to the fact that I do so love finding a good shell and always want to do stuff with them. This is just like everything else right now, an idea in progress.

Another stream of income I’m looking into is the content editing/data input section of Elance. I don’t know that I want to get into web or graphics on there because of the abundance of highly educated competition. A self-taught web and graphics designer doesn’t look that magnificent on paper next to an MIT grad. However, I looked through the jobs being posted for content editors and general data input, and lots of those would be a way to get some quick easy side hustle money. I’ll have to put in a little effort up front, update my profile and such, but after that I can put proposals in on jobs as I have time. You still have to win the bid, but the process wouldn’t be as complex as bidding on a website design, and the work would be quick and easy for me as well.

We’re still selling things here left and right. Or at least we’re listing them that way, they’re selling one at a time. It’s amazing though how much money you have laying around that you never think about. So far we’ve made close to $2500 selling things we have around the house! That’s just a rough estimate, but I really should start a tally and keep track of what we sell.

We’re also looking for a couple of bikes. I haven’t ridden a bike in years, since I was 13 or 14 probably, and never one with brakes on the handlebars or different gears to change. Mr. B assures me it’s easy to learn, but I still have this mental image of flipping myself directly over the handlebars in a cartoon like fashion on my first run. We’ll see who’s right.

Schwinn Midmoor Hybrid Bike

Adorable Schwinn Midmoor Hybrid Bike

Regardless, we’ll need to be able to get around in the parks and campgrounds that we aren’t able to take our Mule to (which so far is all but one really laid back campground). I also think it sounds like a fun way to get more exercise, and since I started the dreaded desk job I could definitely stand some more exercise. We’re having trouble finding decent bikes in the right price range though, since you can start as low as $75 and go about as high as you’d like for an adult bike. We can’t afford to go all out right now, but I also want something that will last at least a few years and that we can maintain easily. I have one more requirement than Mr. B too, mine has to be adorable. I’ve decided that Schwinn makes the most adorable bikes out there, I especially like the curvey bars, brown seats, and solid white or tannish colors. I don’t think a single one of those things are actual bike terms, but that’s okay.

I’ve looked all over Craigslist, and have seen the bike I want twice within a 50 mile radius at a great price. Both times it was sold by the time I found it. I’ll keep checking with Craig, but it’s looking like new might be the way to go here.

So we have a big item up for sale this week, and if it sells we’re going to go this weekend to Academy Sports and look at the bikes. They have the Schwinn Midmoor bikes on sale for $149.99 on their website, and I’m really hoping it’s the same price in store. After we’ve had them for a bit I’ll review them in case anyone else is looking for an adorable middle of the road bike.

And that’s what’s happening here. Oh, and I’ve had a desk on Craigslist for sale for 3 weeks, and have had 3 different people threaten to buy it but never show up. One more no show and I’m putting up a nasty letter.


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