It’s starting to feel very real

Things seem to be moving faster lately. Time hasn’t, it’s going just as slow as it would if I was waiting for 4 o’clock to come so I could go home from work. Events though, those seem to be clicking by. Since we listed the house Thursday we’ve had four separate showings, and fifth coming in an hour. I’ve never sold a house, but that seems like a lot…

The lady that just left was in love with it, she was a dog lover and said the big fluffy outside dog could even stay here if she bought it. That would be perfect, this is his home and always has been… he’s my main sticking point when it comes to selling. She even understood the water – cisterns sometimes scare people. It would be the ideal situation, someone to take over our home, live here and love it like we do, and even keep the dog. Unfortunately she may not have access to the funds to make a deal happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I think it’s getting pretty real for all of us, my step daughter is starting to worry she won’t be able to find an apartment in time. I keep telling her we aren’t kicking her and the baby out on the street by any means, and that this process could go on for months. We’ll help them get in somewhere if we sell it before they find a place. I understand the fear though, especially with this many people looking.

I’ve also changed things on the business front. I renamed my Facebook page, bought the domain to go with Snazzy Turtle Designs, and redesigned my business cards and website. I’m working on a new logo with a stylized turtle that I’m pretty excited about too. I think this will be a great thing for the business.

So I guess really nothing big happening, but lots of small things coming together this weekend. Yep, it’s definitely starting to feel real. Real exciting, real scary, just real.


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