Noticing a trend in the shape of opportunity

I’ve been looking around lately at a few resources on transitioning to living in an RV. By ‘looking around’ I mean I have nearly obsessively sought out other blogs, websites full of tips, forums, and park websites.

The one thing that stands out to me on so many of these pages is the lack of good clean design. By ‘lack of good clean design’ I mean there’s an abundance of wavy backgrounds meant to look like sand, outdated blurry pictures of people that I’m sure have since gotten rid of their 90’s fluffy bangs, and way too many flashy GIFs.

This isn’t a big deal on your own personal blog, more power to you and your fluffy bangs. But I’ve been surprised at the number of campgrounds that don’t have at least semi-decent websites. I know there’s campsite directories out there, I have two monster books myself that list every park in the country. I think we looked in them once, right after we brought them home as new RV owners. It was very exciting. Now I have a smart phone for that.

So this trend brought up a possible opportunity for me to look into. I’m a graphic and web designer at heart (Licentia Designs in case you’re interested) and have been looking for a way to grow my business to a point that it was contributing significantly to our overall financial state. See, if I can build my design income up, not only will it be awesome because I’ll be doing what I love, but we’ll be one step closer to truly mobile. I really could spend my days working from that cute little desk in the camper.

Now I’m considering focusing a portion (or maybe all at some point?) of my business on RV parks and affiliated sites. It feels like a win win to me, I would be in a perfect position to know what the parks needed out of a website because I’ll be their customer, using the sites on a regular basis. I’ll have a chance to do what I love, beautify some not so glorious sites for otherwise great parks, and get paid while I travel. Plus, I can also provide business cards, park maps, brochures, and other print materials. 

It’s still a developing idea, but I’m already in love with it! Wonder if I should change the name from Licentia Designs to Snazzy Turtle designs? 😀





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